Our aim is that all of our pupils make good or excellent progress during their time with us. We meet this aim through our personalised approach and the quality and breadth of our three carefully designed pathways.

Students’ progress within their pathway and against their EHCP outcomes is reviewed every half term (or term in the case of the Blue pathway) by teachers and Key Stage Leaders. Judgements are quality assured by Key Stage Leaders with the Head of School. We have high expectations of every student and class teachers and Key Stage Leaders use their professional experience and knowledge of their students to arrive at a reflective judgement of progress which is “Below Expectations”, “Good”, or “Excellent” each half term. We do not have a set definition of what constitutes the different levels of progress; what is “below expectations” for one student may be huge progress to another.

Where progress is “below expectations” we work with parents, outside agencies and pupils to intervene swiftly to positively affect outcomes.

We do not compare the progress of our pupils with the progress of pupils in other schools. This is not a helpful comparison as one young person with SEND is very different from another young person with SEND – even where the diagnosis is similar. This decision was made following conversations with and visits to Ash Field School in Leicester. Ash Field is an Ofsted “outstanding” school who we have worked with to develop our provision. Work by Peter Imray, Penny Lacey and the Rochford Review also informed this decision.

We use different assessment systems for each of our pathways:

Blue Pathway

Reviewed termly

Personalised EHCP outcomes based on:

My Communication, My Thinking, My Body, My Independence and My Social Development

Green Pathway

Reviewed half-termly

Personalised EHCP outcomes

MAPP tool

Yellow Pathway

Reviewed half-termly

Personalised EHCP outcomes

Maths, English, German, PE, Citizenship, Science and PSHE are currently tracked in “Evidence for Learning”

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